What are the benefits of purchasing vehicle service contracts at a dealership?

May 3rd, 2018 by

Vehicle Service Contracts

Purchasing a vehicle is a significant investment that is worth protecting. While vehicles today are built better than ever before, there is always the chance of a mechanical breakdown that requires a major repair, especially with the advanced technology that is built into today’s vehicles. The cost of even one repair may easily exceed the cost of purchasing a vehicle service contract.

Mechanical breakdowns can occur unexpectedly and require costly repairs – even with the best maintenance program and car. The simple truth is that even the most reliable vehicles on the road are at risk for a breakdown. If you have a vehicle service contract, you can drive knowing that you have coverage that will be there even after your manufacturer’s basic warranty has expired, which is when you are likely to need it the most.

It’s also important to know that dealer-endorsed vehicle contracts are only available through the dealership, not through other solicitations received via phone, mail or e-mail. Consumers should be aware there are many vehicle service contract scams. A good way to spot these scams is if the e-mail, letter, or person you are speaking with is NOT associated with a manufacturer or dealership. For example, an envelope and letter with no logo or company name on it whatsoever. Also, always be sure to read the fine print!

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