Lease Returns

At the end of your lease you can return your vehicle to Bismarck Motor Company, we will make the process easy and hassle-free. Bismarck Motor Company can help you better understand some common factors involved in returning of your lease at the end of your contract period.


In order to avoid extra charges upon returning your vehicle and the end of your lease, ensure the cars overall condition, any repair needs, and mileage. There are several steps you can take before returning the vehicle:

  • Make sure the interior and exterior are clean.
  • In the event of scratches or dents, compare an independent estimate on repairs to any cost above normal wear and tear.
  • If the vehicle needs new brakes or tires, consider that replacing them may benefit you upon returning it.
  • Take thorough pictures and video in the event of any disputes.
  • Check that your mileage has not gone over the lease terms.


Upon the expiration of a lease, there are often two main options available. Many lease terms give a “buyout” option which allows you to purchase the vehicle at the end of the contract period. This is a great option if you are ready to own your vehicle and the benefits that go along with vehicle ownership. Alternatively, you may have the option of leasing or purchasing another vehicle. As one of the known benefits to leasing vehicles is the ability to drive away with a new vehicle every couple of years, the second option is almost always preferable.

If you have any further questions regarding your lease or any end-of-lease issues feel free to contact us at Bismarck Motor Company.