Next-Gen Car-Net App for 2020 Volkswagens

January 13th, 2020 by

For the 2020 model year vehicles, Volkswagen’s Car-Net relaunches with new technology and a new approach. Many Car-Net features now come standard with the purchase of most 2020 model year vehicles for the first five years of ownership. A new Internet-of-Things architecture can allow future upgrades, like voice commands and package delivery. And via Car-Net, most 2020 Volkswagen models will offer available Wi-Fi capability.

Car-Net’s Remote Access package will be available at no additional charge for the first five years of ownership, and includes more than a dozen key features, such as:

Remote start/stop (if vehicle is equipped), lock/unlock, honk/light flash and vehicle status.
An automated vehicle health report and service reminders. Family Guardian alerts that can monitor speeds, a boundary area or even a curfew time, notifying you if a driver uses the vehicle improperly. There’s also a valet alert – a service that flags if the car travels more than 0.2 miles from a drop-off.

Next generation Car-Net includes an in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot for passenger use with a one month/1GB trial subscription that can provide a 4G LTE-enabled Wi-Fi hotspot for up to four devices. At launch, existing Verizon Wireless customers with an eligible mobile data plan can add their Volkswagen vehicle as a new item to their existing data plan. In the months ahead, it is anticipated that new Volkswagen owners will be able to subscribe their vehicles to other major U.S. cellular providers. That means buyers will be able to tie into their existing provider, and when they sell their car, a new owner will have the same option.

Car-Net’s Safe and Secure package offers a suite of services such as Emergency Assistance in case of a crash. Anti-Theft Alert sends a push notification to the user if the vehicle’s anti-theft alarm is triggered, and Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance uses Car-Net to assist law enforcement with locating the vehicle in the event that it is stolen.

One new feature this year is DriveViewTM, which can provide feedback on how they’re driving with respect to certain driving behaviors such as hard braking, excess speed or night driving. Car-Net combines these factors into an overall driving score, which drivers can agree to share with car insurance companies for potential discounts. Drivers can also get personalized tips on what they can do to help improve their driving score.

The technology behind the next generation of Car-Net also provides room for new services, potentially including such things as using your car for package drop-offs and pick-ups or activating Remote Access services via voice-connection devices.

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