10 Questions to Ask Your Salesperson When Buying a Car

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10 questions to ask your salesperson when buying a car

Everyone knows the feeling of being taken advantage of at a car dealership. That’s why we’ve developed 10 questions you can ask that will help you avoid ever being taken advantage of on a deal.

  1. “How are you paid?” WHY: If it’s “by commission’, you know most commission-based salespeople aren’t financially incentivized to look out for your interests.
  2. “What does that look like in terms of percentage? And how does it benefit me?” WHY: You have a right to know how much money they are making off of you – and a right to walk away if they don’t answer.
  3. “How do I know I’m getting your best price?” WHY: Because you probably aren’t. Be aware of all the tricks and gimmicks.
  4. “Do I actually qualify for this price?” WHY: Because there’s a good chance you don’t. Many dealers advertise low prices – make sure you qualify for all the rebates and know where you stand.
  5. “What’s the markup on this interest rate?” WHY: Because it may be higher than you think.
  6. “Let me see the ACV sheet on my trade-in.” WHY you should demand it: The dealer could be robbing you blind. ACV stands for Actual Cash Value – be aware of the numbers game.
  7. “Is my trade-in value good for any car on the lot?” WHY: Because it probably isn’t. Which doesn’t make any sense. The value of your vehicle should be a single, solid number. It shouldn’t have anything to do with the price of your new car.
  8. “What works on this car – and what doesn’t?” WHY: Because if you’re buying used, you should know exactly what you’re getting into.
  9. “Can I take this car to my mechanic?” WHY: Because if you can’t, then the car probably isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. An honest dealer has nothing to hide.
  10. “What’s your return policy, or what happens if I change my mind?” WHY: Because otherwise, you could be out of luck.
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