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The electric revolution will be coming soon to a street near you. In the next few months some of our great manufacturers will be bringing out state-of-the-art electric vehicles (EV) with Nissan unveiling the Ariya and Volkswagen soon to start production on the ID.4 into their already amazing lineups. Electric vehicle owners know the joys of driving and owning a battery-powered model. But for those who are on the fence about whether an electric vehicle may be right for them, here is some information on future and current EV’s that will be hitting our dealership soon.

Volkswagen ID.4

Styling: Clean lines and aerodynamic elements create a striking silhouette–it’s an EV SUV that doesn’t make you sacrifice form for function. And with the optional Gradient package, a black roof, silver roof trim, silver accents and silver roof rails make quite the statement–with 20″ wheels to complete the look.

Range: The Volkswagen ID.4 electric vehicle can take you where you need to go with a manufacturer estimated 250 miles of range. [1]

At Home Charging: The ID.4 is capable of achieving 33 miles of range in about 1 hour of charging (at a home or public L2 charger) The best way to charge your Volkswagen ID.4 electric vehicle at home is with a L2 wallbox charger. Your VW ID.4 will include a L1 charging cable but charging times will be longer than a L2 wallbox. Electrify Home offers a home charging solution, purchase your charger and get assistance finding an installer via Qmerit at Electrify Home.

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[1] The ID.4 Pro and 1st Edition have a preliminary manufacturer estimate of 250 miles range based on approximation of EPA test cycle. EPA estimates not yet available at this time. Actual range will vary and depend on several factors including driving and charging habits, accessory use, temperature and topography, battery age, load, and vehicle condition. Battery capacity decreases with time and use. See owner’s manual for details. Different vehicle variants, including AWD variants, will have different ranges.

Nissan ARIYA

Introducing an electric crossover from Nissan. It’s the purest expression of Nissan Intelligent Mobility. A force to unlock the power within. You. Me. All of us. Moving beyond with capability, precision and style.

Styling: ARIYA is the stunning expression of Nissan’s new vision. A single horizon line replaces fussy contours. New thin LED headlights shine at night, then disappear during the day. The final touch? A new illuminated badge to light the way forward.

Performance: With dual motors, e-4ORCE All-Wheel Drive delivers smooth performance. Experience up to 389 hp and instant acceleration with up to 100% power to the front or rear wheels. Power that enhances all-climate traction, comfort and cornering, while e-Pedal makes everything fun.

Interior Design: The Nissan ARIYA is refreshingly open, so you can breathe and relax. If you want a few extra inches, slide the center console back. The flat floor adds to the spacious feel, while the glowing lantern creates a serene ambience.

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— Electric Vehicles (EV) Frequently Asked Questions —

  • Why should I buy an electric vehicle?

    Electric vehicles have zero direct emissions from driving and can help reduce carbon dioxide emissions compared to traditional vehicles. Researchers suggest that there may be no way to combat global warming without millions of electric vehicles worldwide. They’re fun to drive and quiet on the road, plus you can recharge them at home. They are also far more efficient at using energy compared to liquid fuel vehicles, which waste about two-thirds of their fuel as heat and friction.

  • Can I plug in anywhere, or to any EV charger?

    Not quite. Your EV has a specific type of charge port that has to match the charger. All Level 1 and Level 2 chargers use the same standard plug, but there are different plugs for DC fast charging. Your electric vehicle will come from the dealer with a Level 1 charger that plugs into a standard three-prong, 120-volt outlet. However, if you have a driveway or a permanent parking place, you will likely want to get a Level 2 charger installed at your home. Many apartment buildings and parking garages are also installing Level 2 chargers nationwide. There are about 59,000 public Level 2 chargers available in the United States, along with about 2,500 DC Fast Chargers that use the CCS standard, and more are being built.

  • How long does it take to charge an EV?

    That depends on how much power the charger can provide, and how fast the vehicle can accept it. There are three general levels of charging power:

    Level 1 is your typical 120-volt plug. Most EVs can get roughly 2-5 miles of range per hour of charging at one.

    Level 2 chargers are the most common; they run off 240-volt circuits and can add about 12-24 miles per hour of charge. 80 percent of all vehicle charges take place at home.

    Level 3 is commonly known as DC fast charging and requires special equipment with heavy-duty cables and inverters. These systems typically are only found at public charging stations and used for occasional recharging on long-distance drives. A Level 3 charger can recharge an EV battery to 80 percent capacity in roughly 30-40 minutes.


  • How far can I go in an EV?

    Every EV in the United States has an EPA rated range estimate for a full charge. In daily use, EVs offer a constantly updated estimate of available range, based on your current driving data, your recent past driving history and other factors such as temperature and HVAC usage. Your range estimates may be lower in winter or higher in summer than the official number due to the effect of weather on batteries; they tend to work best at moderate temperatures, and lose some capacity in extreme cold or heat.

    What is regenerative braking?

    EVs all work the same way: Batteries feed electric power to a motor, which turns the wheels. One of the ways EVs can help save energy is by regenerative braking, which simply reverses that flow — using the wheels to turn the motor and send power back into the batteries while slowing the vehicle.

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